Prof. Dr. Stephan Günzel

Media Theory

Professor Dr. Günzel is Head of the Theory Department at UE Berlin. His expertise lies in Media Theory, Spaces, Photography, and Philosophy, which supports his teaching in the fields of Game Design, History of Art and Design, History of Photography, Media Theory, Film/Motion History and more at UE Berlin. Prof. Günzel is the coordinator of the Institute of Design Research which now focuses on the projects the colleagues are doing outside the university to bring into the university and encourage what they are doing outside of research and turn it into research.


Grenzen der Antike- Die Produktivität von Grenzen in Transformationsprozessen


Antiquity serves as a reference point for diverse forms of self-understanding in Western cultural and intellectual history. This raises questions concerning the degree to which the spatial, epistemic, and material dimensions of “antiquity” are relevant to processes of appropriation. This compendium explores the productivity of such limits by means of examples taken from different eras and disciplines.

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Published by De Gruyter
2014, German
16.99 x 2.39 x 24.41 cm, 414 Pages, Hardcover
ISBN: 9783110317688