Prof. Dr. Stephan Günzel

Media Theory

Professor Dr. Günzel is Head of the Theory Department at UE Berlin. His expertise lies in Media Theory, Spaces, Photography, and Philosophy, which supports his teaching in the fields of Game Design, History of Art and Design, History of Photography, Media Theory, Film/Motion History and more at UE Berlin. Prof. Günzel is the coordinator of the Institute of Design Research which now focuses on the projects the colleagues are doing outside the university to bring into the university and encourage what they are doing outside of research and turn it into research.


Ludotopia. Spaces, Places and 
Territories in Computer Games


Where do computer games »happen«? The articles collected in this pioneering volume explore the categories of »space«, »place« and »territory« featuring in most general theories of space to lay the groundwork for the study of spatiality in games. Shifting the focus away from earlier debates on, e.g., the narrative nature of games, this collection proposes, instead, that thorough attention be given to the tension between experienced spaces and narrated places as well as to the mapping of both of these.

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Published by Transcript Verlag 
2019, English
14.99×22.35 cm, 316 pages
ISBN: 978-3-8376-4730-3

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