Prof. Dr. Thomas Rieger

Sport & Event Management B.Sc

Professor Rieger has been with UE since 2007 and is the Senior Expert for Innovation, Strategy and Development in Sport and Health and Programme Leader for the Sport & Event Management Bachelor Program. Professor Rieger’s competencies are in Health and Sport Science, Sport Management, Business Administration, with a focus on Services and Quality Management in the sports sector.


Planning a personal training session


EUROPEACTIVE’S ESSENTIALS FOR PERSONAL TRAINERS provides personal trainers with the most thorough information and best practices to help their clients achieve their health and fitness goals. Endorsed by EuropeActive, the fitness and health industry’s standard-setting authority in Europe, this manual is essential for all aspiring and qualified personal trainers and aims towards EuropeActive’s objective: “More people, more active, more often.” 
The information contained in EUROPEACTIVE’S ESSENTIALS FOR PERSONAL TRAINERS provides aspiring personal trainers with the basic competencies, skills and knowledge necessary for achieving level 4 status in the European Qualifications Framework (EQF), the baseline standards for registered personal trainers in Europe. The content builds on foundational concepts to provide practical knowledge and on-the-job examples to personal trainers so that they can deliver enjoyable and effective services to their clients. 
Authored by fitness experts throughout Europe, EUROPEACTIVE’S ESSENTIALS FOR PERSONAL TRAINERS provides a standard reference to inform this growing field. The first three chapters describe the role of the personal trainer, with topics covering professionalism and presentation, planning a personal training session and delivering a personal training session. Readers will then learn functional anatomy with chapters on skeletal articulations and joint movement, injury prevention and the muscular system. To understand the science behind exercise prescription, readers will learn about energy systems, the cardiorespiratory system, the nervous system and hormonal responses to exercise. Chapters focusing on lifestyle assessment, including health and fitness assessment, psychological aspects of personal training and nutrition, allow personal trainers to understand the unique needs of the various clients they serve. The book concludes with chapters on training adaptations as well as exercise planning and programming. 
With more and more people turning to professionals for assistance in their quest for better health and fitness, the demand for qualified personal trainers in Europe has never been greater. EUROPEACTIVE’S ESSENTIALS FOR PERSONAL TRAINERS is an ideal resource for those aspiring to become personal trainers in Europe and equips current professionals in the fitness industry with the tools they need in effectively serving their clients. Personal trainers who achieve EQF level 4 status demonstrate to both clients and employers that they have all of the pertinent knowledge and skills to be successful anywhere in Europe.

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Published by Human Kinetics
2016, English
18.29×25.65 cm, 320 pages, Hardcover
ISBN: 9781450423786