Prof. Dr. Thomas Rieger

Sport & Event Management B.Sc

Professor Rieger has been with UE since 2007 and is the Senior Expert for Innovation, Strategy and Development in Sport and Health and Programme Leader for the Sport & Event Management Bachelor Program. Professor Rieger’s competencies are in Health and Sport Science, Sport Management, Business Administration, with a focus on Services and Quality Management in the sports sector.


EHFA’s retention report 2013. A comprehensive understanding of member retention in fitness clubs 


The purpose of this first EHFA RETENTION REPORT is to give a comprehensive overview on the topic member retention in fitness clubs. In this report the authors present a systematic search on all existing literature (articles or reports) from around the globe on the subject of member retention in fitness clubs. For the first time in the fitness industry, all studies on member retention are presented in one report. It is stated that member retention has many influencing factors and can be approached and improved from many different perspectives. Although this report is based on scientific research, it is not a scientific study itself. It is more or less applied science. Many old and new lessons on retention will be discussed. By discussing multiple perspectives on member retention, an integrated approach is promoted. There is no one-dimensional quick fix. The good news is that, even when retention rates are improved by a few percent, it will make a huge difference.

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Published by Blackbox Publishers
2013, English