Prof. Dr. Thomas Rieger

Sport & Event Management B.Sc

Professor Rieger has been with UE since 2007 and is the Senior Expert for Innovation, Strategy and Development in Sport and Health and Programme Leader for the Sport & Event Management Bachelor Program. Professor Rieger’s competencies are in Health and Sport Science, Sport Management, Business Administration, with a focus on Services and Quality Management in the sports sector.


Transnational study of weightlifting training practices and concurrent training


The wide range of preparedness, physical fitness, and capabilities of older athletes makes it challenging to recommend general training programs for this cohort ranging from ages 35 to 80 and older. Weightlifting has enjoyed an unprecedented growth in recent years, especially among women. The objectives of this study are to describe age and sex differences in self-reported training regimens and concurrent training for Masters weightlifters and investigate regional differences. (2) Methods: A total of 1051 Masters weightlifters from Australia, Canada, Europe, and the USA completed an online survey that included questions on sport history and training practices. (3) Results: A training session typically lasted 1.5 to 2 h for both sexes across all ages. Weightlifters engaged in concurrent training (66.9%), especially in endurance training (24.9%) and CrossFit (36.4%), but the proportions differed across geographic regions. Older females maintained training 4 days per week, while older males reduced this to 3 days per week. (4) Conclusions: Weightlifting training practice of Masters athletes was remarkably consistent across ages, but concurrent training differed between males and females and across regions. This study provides helpful information for athletes, coaches, and sport organizations about the variation in weightlifting training practices and concurrent training of older athletes.

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Published by International Journal for Environmental Research and Public Health
2022, English
20 pages