Prof. Dr. Peter Crnokrak

Visual & Experience Design

Prof. Crnokrak has been with the UE since 2019 and is currently the Program Coordinator of the Visual & Experience Design Program for the UE Innovation Hub in Potsdam, as well as a Professor for UE Berlin. Prof. Crnokrak has competencies in areas of Data Analysis & Statistics, Data Visualization, Computational Design, UI/UX Design, Experience Design, Generative Design, and Cliodynamics. Prof. Crnokrak guides the students of UE and trains the critical eye, help shape the innovative spirit, and sharpens the perspective “between balancing creative and commercial”.


The computational aesthetics of love & hate


A_B_PEACE & TERROR ETC. THE COMPUTATIONAL AESTHETICS OF LOVE & HATE blends world politics with the aesthetics of computational data to create a powerful, pertinent, and spellbinding view of the modern world. As an intriguing collection of data, A_B_… reveals the quantitative contribution each of the 192 member states of the United Nations has made toward peace and terror in the world. It is a functional information-design piece that uses computational aesthetic principles to compare complex and socially relevant data derived from researchers working in the field of geopolitics. The dual-sided overlay of the two graphs allows for a direct visual comparison of the peace and terror measures. The functional nature of the poster becomes poignantly relevant when one makes detailed comparisons among nations. Many of the results are quite surprising and stand in contrast to prevailing norms of collective national perception.

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Published by Association for Computing Machinery
2009, English