Prof. Dr. Peter Crnokrak

Visual & Experience Design

Prof. Crnokrak has been with the UE since 2019 and is currently the Program Coordinator of the Visual & Experience Design Program for the UE Innovation Hub in Potsdam, as well as a Professor for UE Berlin. Prof. Crnokrak has competencies in areas of Data Analysis & Statistics, Data Visualization, Computational Design, UI/UX Design, Experience Design, Generative Design, and Cliodynamics. Prof. Crnokrak guides the students of UE and trains the critical eye, help shape the innovative spirit, and sharpens the perspective “between balancing creative and commercial”.


Genetic population divergence: markers and traits


In a recent review in TREE , McKay and Latta survey the literature for studies examining adaptive population divergence using molecular markers (Fst) and quantitative genetic trait variation (Qst). Although their paper dealt primarily with theoretical considerations, the authors also presented a large data set in an attempt to elucidate patterns that exist in nature. They show that Qst is on average larger than Fst and that, across studies, the relationship between Qst and Fst is weak. This last result is in contrast to our review of the literature where we show a strong positive relationship between Qst and Fst. We believe that this discrepancy stems from several errors made by the authors.

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