Prof. Dr. Peter Crnokrak

Visual & Experience Design

Prof. Crnokrak has been with the UE since 2019 and is currently the Program Coordinator of the Visual & Experience Design Program for the UE Innovation Hub in Potsdam, as well as a Professor for UE Berlin. Prof. Crnokrak has competencies in areas of Data Analysis & Statistics, Data Visualization, Computational Design, UI/UX Design, Experience Design, Generative Design, and Cliodynamics. Prof. Crnokrak guides the students of UE and trains the critical eye, help shape the innovative spirit, and sharpens the perspective “between balancing creative and commercial”.


Dominance variance: associations with selection and fitness


Strong directional, and to some degree stabilizing, selection usually erodes only additive genetic variance while not affecting dominance variance. Consequently, traits closely associated with fitness should exhibit high levels of dominance variance. In this study we compile a large number of estimates of dominance variance to determine if traits that are subject to strong selection and/or are closely associated with fitness have higher levels of dominance variance than traits less subject to selection pressure. Estimates were taken from the literature for both wild and domestic species and each group was treated separately. Traits closely associated with fitness (life history) had significantly higher dominance components than did traits more distantly related to fitness (morphology) for wild species. No significant differences were found between life history and morphological traits for domestic species. Traits that were known to have been subject to intense directional selection (morphological traits for domestic species) had significantly higher dominance estimates than did traits that were assumed not to have been subject to strong selection (morphological traits for wild outbred species). The results are discussed with respect to the maintenance of heritable variation and the bias introduced in the calculation of the full-sib heritability estimate by high levels of dominance variance.

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Published by American Genetic Association
1995, English
10 pages