Prof. Dr. Peter Crnokrak

Visual & Experience Design

Prof. Crnokrak has been with the UE since 2019 and is currently the Program Coordinator of the Visual & Experience Design Program for the UE Innovation Hub in Potsdam, as well as a Professor for UE Berlin. Prof. Crnokrak has competencies in areas of Data Analysis & Statistics, Data Visualization, Computational Design, UI/UX Design, Experience Design, Generative Design, and Cliodynamics. Prof. Crnokrak guides the students of UE and trains the critical eye, help shape the innovative spirit, and sharpens the perspective “between balancing creative and commercial”.


The contingency of fitness: an analysis of food restriction on the macroptery-reproduction trade-off in crickets


We examined the effect of food limitation on fitness trade-offs between macroptery and time spent calling in the wing-dimorphic cricket,Gryllus firmus. The results of previous studies have shown that, under optimal conditions, the proportionate time that males spend calling (with respect to neighbouring males) is directly associated with female attraction, and that micropterous (short-winged: SW) males call longer than macropterous (long-winged: LW) males (Crnokrak & Roff 1995,Animal Behaviour,50, 1475–1481). Because crickets were examined under optimal conditions, these studies did not attempt to address how or whether fitness trade-offs change with the environment. In the present study, we allowed crickets ad libitum access to water, but restricted food intake to the minimum amount that would keep them alive for 20 days.

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1998, English
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