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No yellow cabs Ausstellungskatalog


New York City, The Big Apple, pulse of the world. One knows this metropolis, without ever being there before. Everyone knows what New York looks like, everyone knows how New York is portrayed in the movies and on TV However, what do young photography and design students see, apart from obvious tourist magnets? With fresh eyes, a student group from the Berlin Technical College of Art met up and explored New York in their very own way. During a workshop with American street photographer Todd Weinstein in September 2008, they investigate the city, its places and people. Subsequently, they made their own way to capture unique moments, feelings and emotions. The results of this photographic journey are displayed in the exhibition No Yellow Cabs.

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Published by University of Europe for Applied Sciences
2013, German
24,7×17,5 cm, 102 pages

Authors: Cedric Vilim, Martin Krahn, Kevin Nerlich, Moritz Uebele and Todd Weinstein.