Did we get Lost – A photographic investigation in Asia


The exhibition DID WE GET LOST is the product of a interdisciplinary excursion by the University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Art & Design, that took place in the Spring of 2018 and visited Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. A 96 page catalogue by Arash Sabbagh will appear in October 2018 during the European Month of Photography in Berlin.
Travel and the cultural exchange that goes along with it have become a mass phenomenon – yet it’s contradicted by the recent nationalist movements and xenophobic leanings in our Western liberal society. DID WE GET LOST – A Photographic Investigation in Asia is an interdisciplinary project module that examines questions in cultural representation in terms of media theory. An excursion of students and instructors of the Art and Design department to Southeast Asia served as a departure point for a visual expression of previously formulated questions on the role of the traveler and discoverer abroad as well as the representation of the other in photography. What concepts lead to an image that awakens a desire for foreign lands and yet withstands the test of actual sensory contact? The group exhibition at the UE Gallery invites viewers to take part in a dialogue with these photographs of faraway places.

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Published by University of Europe for Applied Sciences
2018, English
21×31 cm
ISBN: 978-3-00-060792-9

Illustrations and photography: Ragna Arndt-Marić, Samuel Baum, Eric Berg, Johanna Berghorn, Marlene Binder, Leon Hahn, Mario Horto, IsabellI Kessler, Lia Laukant, Andrew Lewis, Luis Maximilan Limberg, Victoria Mayr, Jullana Rainer, Lucrezia Rossi, Gina Stephan, Leander von Thien and Chris Wiemer.