Prof. Daniel Henry Bastian

Professor Bastian is Professor for UX/UI Design and Communication Design. Prior to UE, he was founded and owned design agency b mal x, Kommunikation, he also was a guest professor a the University of the Arts Bremen.




This magazin reaches out to designers and agencies in the creative industries to ask for their perspective. What qualifications are they expecting of design school graduates? What do you look out for when employing? 13 designers and creatives shared their opinions and insights. An unusual perspective in a design school discourse.

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Published by UE publishing practices
2023, German, English
21,0×29,7 cm, 107 pages
ISBN: 978-3-948312-06-0

Authors: Jessica Payne, Melanie Timmler, Agnes Marktorp Ring, Jano Bruns, Pia Belitz, Luisa Claaßen
Seminar participants: Agnes Marktorp Ring, Jessica Payne, Melanie Timmler, Arundhati Shenoy, Pablo Mogollon, Maria Jose Robles, Cheuk Hei Wong, Dennis Illin, Elena Victoria Gonzalez Navarro, Anastasiia Kucherenko, Ayotunde Osuntola, Raneem Mohamed, Natacha Elanor Steyn, Jiahao Yao, Najla Ibrahim, Katharina Dietrich, Alessandra Arcos, Nishchay Nimbekar, Rohan Singh
Art Direction: Jessica Payne, Agnes Marktorp Ring, Melanie Timmler
Cover and opening chapter design: Melanie Timmler

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