Prof. Hiro Shato


Turmoil – Intac exhibition 2017


International Art Collaboration is an educational framework that empowers students to connect with one another, and through online communication, work together to collaborate on dynamic art projects. 
INTAC employs a philosophy of an open team-based exchange of ideas and materials through blogs and social media. In this environment students develop projects under the guidance of their professors and instructors from each school and are encouraged to become Leaders in building new relationships in order to facilitate the sharing of ideas and concepts that cross language and cultural differences. 
The virtual learning experience fosters a contemporary take on traditional individualistic methods of art-making practice.

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Published by University of Europe for Applied Sciences
2017, English
29,7×21 cm

Authors: Prof. Yong-Whan Lee, Prof. Gustav Hellberg, Prof. Peter Sramek, Meera Margaret Singh, Dr. Juha Sounpa and Steffen Klaue.