Prof. Dr. Stefan Chatrath

Sport & Event Management B.Sc

Professor Chatrath is the Director of the Sport & Event Management program in Berlin. He is a Professor of Sport Marketing – currently the only one in Germany with this focus. With competencies in Business Administration, Service Management, Consumer Behavior, Sports Marketing (Ticketing, Sponsoring), Football Management, and Ethics in Sport, he can teach multiple courses in the field of Sport Management, Sport Marketing, and Business.


The effect of fear on sport event attendance – using the example of COVID-19 


The World Health Organization classified Covid‐19 as pandemic in spring 2020. Since then, policy makers around the world cancelled or postponed all kinds of sport events in front of spectators. This is a major problem, not only because the atmosphere during the competition suffers, but also because ticketing is an important source of revenue for sport event organizers. We assume that even after successful vaccination, many people will be sceptical about attending mass gathering such as sport events. The “new normal” will not go away, especially since it seems that people have become more fearful in general. We now live in what sociologists call a “culture of fear” (Furedi, 2018).
Therefore, our research questions are as follows:
1. How can we conceptualise the effect of fear on sport event attendance in order to manage it?
2. What appropriate countermeasures should sport event organizers take to mitigate the negative effect of fear on sport event attendance?

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Published by EASM 2021 Festival of Sport Management Research and Practice
2021, English