Dance with the Desert


In the context of the anniversary of 1700 years of Jewish life in Germany, the project DANCE WITH THE DESERT was submitted to and approved by the Federal Ministry of the Interior and Community and the State Chancellery of North Rhine-Westphalia for funding through the association of the same name in conjunction with the onomato Artists Association in Düsseldorf.
DANCE WITH THE DESERT is a cooperative research project of three universities; The University of Europe for Applied Sciences Berlin with Prof. Katharina Mayer as the initiator of the project, The University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf with Prof. Anja Vormann and The Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design Jerusalem with the lecturer Hadas Satt.
An exchange project was initiated in which a young generation of art and design students, using language, images, audio or performance, entered into a kind of »aesthetic resistance« to the stereotypical media images of »Jewish life in Germany«. Israeli/German communication should begin where everyday life is being shared in the present – where the big political and religious stories dissolve into many small individual life plans and perspectives, due to different socialisations. Personal views taken seriously and condensed in their multitude will produce a differentiated and diverse picture of »Jewish life in Germany«.
The project Dance with the Desert, by university standards, has been a very long period of joint work. Students from all semesters were involved. Some have now graduated, while others are gaining deeper experiences via further exchanges. If all goes well, all this will continue.

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Published by UE publishing practices
2022, English
21,0×29,7 cm, 214 pages
ISBN: 978-3-948312-06-0

Authors: Bahaa Abu Hussin, Prof. David Adika, Michal Arnheim, Dr. Nikolaj Beier, Pauline Bewig, Ian Kiplimo Busienei, May Chen, Alma Ben David, Netta Gaash, Luka Godec, Laura Maria Görner, Lior Harel, Amira Hartmann, Ari Hillel, Patrick Kruse, Janna Lichter, Prof. Katharina Mayer, Marcel Mücke, Laura Oldörp, Dr Regina Plaßwilm, Rotem Ruff, Fabio de Saldanha, Hadas Satt, Nelli Scheiermann, Henrik Stuch, Prof. Anja Vormann, Lea Weigert, Lilian Wunschik, Lior Yeger, Shir Zilberstein