Dr. phil Marco Favaro

Marco Favaro (1990) is Program Manager at the University of Europe for Applied Sciences in Berlin, where he teaches Cultural Studies. He obtained his PhD in cultural studies and human sciences at the Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg in cooperation with the Università degli Studi di Verona. He worked as a lecturer at Bamberg University, presenting a seminar on the "antihero." Since September 2022 he collaborates with the Online Magazine "Lo Spazio Bianco." Marco is the author of La Maschera dell'Antieroe (The Mask of the Antihero, Mimesis), which defines the structures of the contemporary superhero genre and its implicit philosophical concepts, and he co-edited Batman's Villains and Villainesses, a multidisciplinary anthology on Arkham Asylum's most famous guests (Lexington Books). Marco is also the author of numerous articles, such as "Dylan Dog's Nightmares" (Critical Approaches to Horror Comic Books, Routledge), "The Horror Vs. L'Indagatore dell'Incubo" (Horror and Philosophy, McFarland), and "Antiheroes in the Rubble" (International Journal for the Fantastic in Contemporary Media).